Residential Locksmith Services

You can trust College City Locksmiths® security professionals for all of you residential locksmith needs.

Our dedicated, professional team of residential locksmith professionals are available every hour of every day to help keep your family safe and secure. It doesn’t matter if you own a condo, a house, or rent an apartment, our residential locksmiths can assist you with planned service calls or with emergency requests.

What are some of the sticky situations our professional residential locksmiths can help with?

Locked out of your house? We’ve got you covered.

Did you lose your keys or lock them inside your house? Don’t panic and try kicking down doors and breaking windows. You won’t safely get inside of your house that way. Just call one of our dedicated locksmith professionals and we will have your house unlocked in a flash and you back to your life.

Lost your house key? We’ve got you covered.

Did you lose every copy of your house keys, even the key you put in that really safe place? Don’t despair! Our professional locksmiths have the technology to cut new keys even without an original key for some lock hardware. Otherwise, most locks can be re-keyed even if you don’t have the original house key!

Your key broke off in the lock? We’ve got you covered.

You put your whole key in the lock, but only half of your key came out. It’s not a good situation. And if you try to get the key out yourself, you may make things worse by damaging the lock components. Thankfully, a trained locksmith can extract your key from the lock, and most of the time you will not have to replace your whole lock.

Need to change your locks? We’ve got you covered.

The security of your family depends on who has access to your home. It doesn’t matter if you need a single lock replaced due to isolated damage to the lock, a lock malfunction, or if you want every lock replaced to upgrade your feeling of safety and security, our residential locksmiths can provide you with professional guidance in selecting best type of lock and help you identify which brand is best suited to your particular need.

Just got a brand-new door and need a lock installed? We’ve got you covered.

A new door will require a brand new lock. If you are unsure about what type or brand of lock to install, our team can guide you through the selection process while offering professional insights on each option. After the selection of the lock, our professional locksmith will then correctly install the lock to properly secure your home.

Need some duplicate house keys? We’ve got you covered.

Do your kids keep losing their house keys? Don’t have time to go somewhere to have them replaced? Let our team to come to you and we will duplicate your house keys on site and save you time and the headache of getting your keys replaced.


Getting a fancy new Smart Lock? We’ve got you covered.

Now that you’ll be able to lock and unlock your house with your smartphone, you will want to ensure that your Smart Lock is properly installed. In most instances, our locksmiths have the ability to install your Smart Lock with the existing deadbolts and lock cylinders that are already on your door.


The residential locksmith services we provide are not just limited to the ones listed above. Please call if you have any questions or a situation that you think may require a locksmith.

residential locksmiths
residential locksmith services

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