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You can trust College City Locksmiths® security professionals to rekey your locks.

Locksmith & security companies around the world agree that one of the cheapest ways to maintain & upgrade your home security is by safe management and control of who has access to keys.

It doesn’t matter if you bought a new home or wish to upgrade the security of your current home or workplace, College City Locksmiths® can make all your locks operate with a single key. This maximizes security by assuring that you are the only one with access to your home or personal belongings. This not only assures the safety of your family, it also gives you peace of mind that no strangers or past residents could have access to your home.

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At College City Locksmiths our professional lock rekeying service can save you money against the cost of new locks, or offer a convenient solution to the problem of needing a different key for each door in your home.

The Affordable Alternative To New Locks!

 Have you ever lost a key? Have you recently moved into a new house or business premises? Or maybe you’ve lent a key to an ex partner, a former friend, or a tradesman – and then wished you hadn’t!

 The truth is, even if lost or lent keys have been returned to you, copies may still exist. Essentially, once a key has been out of your hands it becomes impossible to know for certain who has access to your home!

No wonder then that lock replacement is one of the commonest tasks locksmiths are called out to perform. But we find people are often surprised to learn that there’s a simple, cost-effective, fully secure alternative… Lock rekeying!

So What Is Lock Rekeying?

 In a nutshell, lock rekeying involves reconfiguring an existing lock to work with a different key… The old key becomes useless so you can enjoy the peace-of-mind of knowing that only you have access to your home!

And, provided your locks are similar in type and compatible, a competent locksmith can even set your front and back doors to both open with just the one key… How’s that for convenient?

Should I Choose Lock Rekeying Or Lock Replacement?

 The choice is yours, but our professional advice would be to use lock rekeying if you have good quality locks, in full working order, that you don’t wish to replace for any other reason apart from having lost track of your keys…

As an example, lock rekeying is the perfect choice for landlords who don’t want the expense of changing locks every time their tenants change! And it’s also the best option for anyone with a lock that matches other features of their door, or their wider décor, and so could be hard to replace.

 Can’t I Do This Myself?

 You can try… You may have seen appealingly cheap kits in your local hardware store – but the truth is that lock rekeying is best left to the pros…

For a start, the work can be fiddly – especially for a novice. And, done incorrectly, a lock that’s been rekeyed may not work, or, worse still, may not offer a proper level of protection. And don’t forget, if your home is insured then you have a contractual obligation to maintain its security!

So Why Should I Choose You?

 Here at College City Locksmiths we’ve been providing a comprehensive range of professional locksmith services in cities right across the US for over 15 years. Our expert, highly trained franchise holders have each built their own reputations by delivering great local services at an affordable price – for each and every customer they work with!

How Do I Get Started?

Why ever you want to use our professional lock rekeying service it all starts when you get in touch…

Just use the handy contact form below, or head over to the Locations page* for details of your local College City Locksmith!

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