I rent out several rental properties all over Fayette County and College City Locksmiths are my go to company whenever we get new residents are need to have the locks changed. They are by far the most reliable company I have ever worked with, they always answer the phone, and can always make it to our properties quickly. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of professional locksmith services. 

Anne Owens, Lexington, KY

It was winter time and freezing cold out, I just got off work at the bar and ran to my car and went to start it quickly to get the heat going and my key broke off in the ignition! I didn’t know what to do, but after a couple google searches I found College City Locksmiths and they were able to make it to me quickly and give me a replacement car key all within an hour. Hands down the best locksmith in America! 

Lauren Russell, Bowling Green, KY

College City locksmiths are our campuses’ trusted and recommended locksmith service. We warn EKU Students about locksmith scams and to ensure their safety the should call College Locksmiths as they do an extensive background check on all their emergency locksmith technicians. 

Holly Fitzpatrick, Richmond, KY

College City Locksmiths came and put in a new electronic lock system on at our Marriot hotels all throughout Kentucky and I can honestly say this is the first locking system we’ve ever had that has not given us any issues. If you are in need of a commercial locksmith company, I would be willing to bet you won’t find a better company than these guys! Thanks again. 

Rachel Shenton, Georgetown, KY

I dropped my car keys and home keys in a storm sewer and was unable to get them out so I called these guys and they had a locksmith technician there to help me in less than 15 minutes which was extremely helpful. I don’t remember exactly how much the services cost but the price was reasonable for an emergency service in the middle of the night. 

Lauren Fields, Louisville, KY

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