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Why might you need us?

You’ve Locked Yourself Out Of The House

You’ve just gone outside to take the trash out and the door shuts behind you and locks. Your keys are on the kitchen worktop. Many people have found themselves in this situation, it’s an easy mistake to make. With just one quick phone call to our 24/7 line, we can have a skilled and friendly operator over to your house in 15 minutes. We’ll get you back into your home quickly so this simple mistake doesn’t have to cost you your whole day!

A Key Has Snapped Off In A Lock

It’s easily done. You’ve been slightly too vigorous trying to open or lock a door and *snap*. Half your key is now firmly wedged into the lock and it isn’t budging any time soon…unless you give our friendly support staff a quick call. We can have one of our many experienced locksmith engineers assess the situation and implement a fast course of action. It doesn’t matter what lock the key is stuck in whether it be a lock to your home, business or car. We’ll get the door open so you can get to where you need to be. In most cases, we can remove the key without damage to the lock so all you’ll need to do is pick up a spare.

You Need Locks Changed

There a lots of reasons you might need or want your locks changed. You may have lost your keys and are worried someone may be able to enter property they shouldn’t. Or maybe, you have lost your original and spare keys so can no longer access the lock at all and need a new lock and key system. Whatever the reason, College City Locksmiths are here to help and can change your locks quickly and hassle-free.

You’ve Locked Yourself Out Of Your Car

There are several situations that can go bad while driving anywhere in your car, locking yourself out is definitely near the top of the list of the most frustrating & irritating things that can happen. Unless you have a spare key handy, theres not much you can do once you shut your LOCKED car door and realize your car keys are on your seat or still hanging in the ignition. One thing you can do, is call someone who knows how to help you properly and can do so quickly. College City Locksmiths have dealt with hundress of emergency call outs due to locked-in car keys. We’ll be with you in 15 minutes and have your car open even faster!


We have locksmith technicians on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your emergency needs. No matter the time of day we are happy to help with lock outs as well as many other professional locksmith services.


Our technicians understand that each home and business is different and will have different needs. We can be of service to all your individual needs to make sure your home or office is secure as possible.


Our professional locksmiths are trustworthy and highly trained and experienced. You can call us with jobs of any size and be confident that our locksmith technicians can handle it! Call us today to speak with a representative.

Services We Offer

Open 24 Hours For Emergency Needs

Mobile Locksmith Services

Emergency Lockout Service

If you are locked out of your car or house, don’t resort to breaking a window or damaging your car frame. Not only is it dangerous, if you are prying on your car door you will regret it next time you are driving in the rain. Call College City Locksmiths to come unlock your door. Local locksmith service is affordable even on an emergency basis, it simply isn’t cost efficient to damage your property over a simple lock, our locksmiths can be at you location within 15 minutes to let you back in safely and we are open 24 hours a day. Call now for more information.

Lock Rekeying

It doesn’t matter if you bought a new home or wish to upgrade the security of your current home or workplace, College City Locksmiths® can make all your locks operate with a single key. This maximizes security by assuring that you are the only one with access to your home or personal belongings. This not only assures the safety of your family, it also gives you peace of mind that no strangers or past residents could have access to your home.

Lock Installation & Repair

You don’t want to put your security and safety at risk by not having your locks repaired and installed by a certified locksmith technician. Our locksmiths will professionally install your locks the correct way and in a time and cost efficient manner. Our technicians have experience working with all different lock types, brands & models of locks. Our mobile locksmiths are on time, quick and reliable. Our technicians all undergo an extensive background check and always arrive at the job with all the proper tools necessary to complete any lock repair or installation task you could come up with.

Car Key Replacement and Creation

Are you in need of a replacement set of keys for your home or car? College City Locksmiths are happy to help! You never know the reason that you may need key replacement services, whether you just bought a used car or someone you don’t trust has a key,  it is is your interest to have a replacement set of keys made and your locks rekeyed. Our technicians can help with all these things and are open 24 hours for emergencies. Call the company that America trusts the most when it comes to car key replacement.


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